Saturday, February 23, 2013

From feeling blue to brand new.

Sidenote: apparently there is not much time left for blogging when working, studying for actuarial exams, and planning a wedding, but i'm trying to squeeze some in between... I would love to recall and record most of the projects that we did since we bought our home, and I will try :-)

The first room that we fully renovated was the upstairs bathroom (downstairs' one is still untouched). This bathroom was all 1960’s featuring colored fixtures. It was too much: blue toilet, blue sink, blue tub.

I like blue, but on the walls or accessories, not everywhere but...

The same as the rest of the plans for our house, we decided to go modern and clean. And my dream was to make it spa style, mini spa style that is. The first search was for a perfect bathtub that does not look those old outdated ones, yet fits in our little bathroom  Then we went hunting for tiles. Here we learned that if you want to buy something nice (especially clean white color) you need to spend money, otherwise you are going to end up with beige off-white dirty colors.

It was worth it to spend a little more though because now it reflects light, and makes the room feels bigger.

 On the walls I designed the tile layout to repeat above the sink and I really love how it all ties in. I also like how the cabinet we made came out because it looks modern plus it has an added benefit of being easy to keep things organized. I also bought some bamboo accessories to make it feel more like that spa I dreamed of.

Here comes some before/ after comparison:

And from the other side:

Doesn't it look like a little spa?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

White, white everywhere. Except outside.

So we haven't had any significant snow this winter so far which is pretty rare for our area. Robert didn't even get to shovel once and it's already the second week of January!
Back to the topic of white though which at one point was the majority of color ( if you can even call it that?) in our house. We took out all of the doors with steel framing ( just like we did with the windows) and  also ripped out any baseboards to make the whole house trimuniform (probably not a word). 

Here is how a couple of rooms looked like with the old trim or lack thereof:

And here they are with some of their trimmings. 

We hired a guy to spray paint all of the trims and the doors, and we don't regret it. Although we usually like to save money by doing the projects ourselves, this was one that would take a long time ( look below at how many doors there were!) and would not come out as nice as it did. All of the trims are smooth with even cover, and no brush strokes visible.
Here is a picture of what I call a living room door factory:

Friday, January 4, 2013

First things first.

The first thing we changed in our house were windows. Aluminum frames are now long gone and we have new clean (they might need a wash though) white windows. And what could be more convenient when you forget to take a picture? Someone taking that picture for you :-) Thank you Google! We just noticed today that street view is available since 10/2011 and on their picture you can see that the only thing that changed were windows. And the ugly shrub surrounding the birch tree is gone too. So basically after 4 months after getting this house not much was done on the exterior, but wait until you see what happened inside during that time ;-). Here are some old windows/new windows photos for comparison:

 I like how the new windows reflect the light and make the house seem brighter.
 Even a bigger difference can be seen from the inside. Here you go:

So much nicer! On this picture you can also see that we did trim work as well as baseboards. This is another project that took a much longer time, but we did all new trims in the whole house. Lots of patching with putty and sanding for me. Yay!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How it all started... the house thing I mean

We bought our house in late May 2011. When I typed that just now, for some reason it seemed strange. I seems like it was just few months back, but it's almost 2 years!. Anyways. We decided to look for a fixer upper to save some money and try our skills at all things DIY. Plus we knew we could (heavily) rely on my dad who is a carpenter. Here is how our house looked back then:


I am glad we took those pictures ( and  more) then so that now we have a proof of our hard work over the last year and half, and a proof that some areas still look the same. ooops

2013- Here we go!

That's the title of the picture calendar I made for this year, and I think it's a good title to start this thing too. New year's resolution? Why not?! Maybe I need to cut on sweets... a little..., but I have a better one- start documenting what we have done so far and what we are working on right now in our first house. By we, I mean my soon to be husband, Robert and I :-).
Let's get this party started!